Wrong delivery, No reaction and No way to create a support ticket



I ordered a “Noob slayer 2 pack” but received two normal inceptors.

It seems that there is no way to contact the support.

Mr. Ferrazzino does not react via indiegogo message and there is no way to create a support ticket on the Father.io homepage.

Disappointing and not really trustworthy.

Greetings Patrick


Hey @Nunki
Please send a mail to support@proxy42.com to create a ticket. You should get an answer from the team.

Keep in mind that soft perks (not hardware like class switch perk for example) will be granted later.

Best regards,



I believe if we write to GOD!
It will be easier to receive an answer!


Order ID: 6935
Order Date: May 31, 2016
InDemand - N00B Slayer 2 Pack - $75.00

Order ID: 8836
Order Date December 7, 2017
Estimated Delivery Date: January 2018
Inceptor SECRET Double Pack - $65.00

Easy, build a business using other people’s money.
And never deliver the promised!

Any more answer from: preorder_shipment@proxy42 OR support@father.io

I will try to write to support@proxy42.com now.


Hi @BeanSampa I’ll bring it up to the proxy42 team again (right now). Nothing more I can do personally, was hoping you already got helped.

Best regards,



Thanks @Kaj for your personal help, but I’m looking for help from Proxy42.
I have been a buyer of American goods since 1994 and have never witnessed a situation of such disrespect and abuse. In my country, this is a common situation, but here I know very well how to analyze and in which companies to trust.

If you, a Moderator Team Lead in the Father.io community can not do anything else to help me. Who will?

I will continue my quest to have my rights and I will certainly find others in the same situation and together we will get our rights.

As I wrote: I live in a country where consumers are continually disrespected, so I’m good to argue.

As we say here:
I pay 1.00 to not start an argue. And 1 million to leave it!

I will use: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord and all the resources needed to be heard!
This i not a threat, it’s just a warning from someone who has tried every way to get their rights with Father.IO.