Work better on your marketing!


I know you guys got to be pretty busy working on the development of and all that stuff, but here’s a suggestion. It happens that from my point of view your marketing is awfully poor, and I just want to remind you that such aspect can be the very big difference between sucess and disaster. Me and my friends where pretty excited about this project when we saw the first trailer 2 years ago, but then it was like it all was just a dream, because the next time we knew something about you, was with the second trailer almost a year ago, and in all that lapse of time i can tell you something, THE HYPE DIED, and not because we got bored or something like that, just because the pretty big lack of any kind of marketing, any form of information that kept us with the felling that is something and not just “something”, something HUGE exactly as it apparently pretends to be.

Many of us recovered a bit with the 2nd trailer but at the time i’m writting this we are on the same situation again and to be honest it will pretty hard to bring that emotion for this project come back again. The reason I’m telling you all this is because I really want this project to be sucessful, but i know a lot of people around the world are in exactly the same situation we are. All that time of silence just make people who know at least something about this startup, Unconsciously make their minds up with the conception that you are just the tipycal startup that just appear offering something that never comes out but surprisingly one day long after that, it appears, unfortunately because of those long-term made impressions people will not have the same interest (If they still have it) and that has a very big impact in the launch of the project which as you may know means a lot, just think about the way big videogame releases manage this whole thing, and their results.

All this is just because of those pitiful marketing strategies. So please rethink the way you are doing all this and CALL THE COMMUNITY AND GAMERS ATTENTION!!! overall at this phase where you are almost going to launch the game, if you don’t, the way i’m looking at it your project will probably be a sunken ship. This are just the worries of a gaming enthusiast. Thanks for reading.

PD: Sorry for my English


@MaxRayder @IamYourVirtualFather This is very true. Once I was very excited about the discovery of I followed there indiegogo page until it ended, waiting for the release. Then waiting more, and some more, then a little more, with some updates here and there. Then no updates for a long time in between. When I heard about this community, that renewed some of the hype. But still little to no further update about (except for some trial video in
Japan). Am I even on the wait list?, is there even a wait list with hundreds of thousands names on it just wait to be shipped out. I don’t know??. You tell me…



@MaxRayder @taegames what you guys need to keep in mind here is this: This entire project is being put together by a very small and dedicated team. I believe there’s actually less than ten people total at proxy42 and there is no dedicated publicity team. But if you have a decent resume, Proxy42 is looking to hire a community manager for the social media campaign!


@Roman is right. They do have a Marketing company ready to handle everything but business deals can complicate things. But as soon as the Community Manager is hired then you can expect to see a floodgate open. They want to make sure that there is someone who can dedicate to answering the questions and passing the information out. Please be patient. Trust me you will be VERY impressed when you see whats happening. If you want to join the Discord you will probably see some more dedicated information.


@MaxRayder you are very right and very wrong about some points from my point of view. The very is also very minor. Yes well established gaming platforms use marketing to keep the momentum and keep the enthousiast interested. But they are well establ8shed gaming platforms. They have done the startup, they have lots more funds, they had the time to find the right marketing ppl to run such projects. This is something that for startups is harder, when to hire such a person (paying such a person every month 2 years before launch ?), promote something that may not be released as intended originally? (Major shift in beta map).

Your also right that we need a lot more visibility right now. The game is about to launch and there is a clear need for someone to fill such a function. As expected (and you probably couldn’t know at the time of writing it) they are looking for someone. Never the less, the need for someone now is as you pointed out, critical.

So far I have seen this startup make all choices for the right reasons. Including delaying launch due to moving production. I have faith in this project and as someone who pledged to the project I intent to be vocal and passionate about it. The development team deserve our passion and willingness to see this come to success. To me this includes being vocal and sharing details in local communities that I get from the forum and discord. I will be promoting this locally so we get a good player Base here to make the game fun. YOU can do the same.


If I lived in Italy yea haha


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