Why is the Inceptor so expensive?


can i ask why is the inceptor so expensive? almost no one will be able to play in fps mode and i dont want to play only strategy mode.


The cheapest right now is a two pack for $50 which comes to $25 a piece. I think that is a rather reasonable price for what you are getting.


A good strategy to get the price lower for you would be to get the Inceptors in bulk (like a 10 pack) and resell the Inceptors to your friends at a lower cost than getting them 1 at a time on retail. That’s probably what I’ll end up doing. It will take a little more coordination, but everybody wins in this situation.


I agree with them, its not really that expensive at all… average console game costs $70+ when new not counting special editions, DLC packs, online permission keys etc which often get upto $120-160 final real costs and often the disc itself depreciates rapidly since its only about 50¢ or less of plasic. Digital is merely buying a license of use and cannot be traded or resold as @Quroe mentioned.

Father.io is a free game download with only $25 per inceptor that holds technology that will likely reach beyond this to other games and potentially far beyond gaming in general with time. Alot of affordable power really.


@Johndoeooo @Quroe @NXRACER all of them have given great responses. They’re correct in the details and estimates. Good job guys ^^.

But overall, the price per inceptor is actually really cheap.


I also want to chime in that Nerf guns go for anywhere between $25 and $100, so $30 for an Inceptor seems fair to me.

Smartphones can be “expensive”, but near everybody has one. Price is relative from person to person. :slight_smile:

edit: I’m using Nerf guns because Father.IO and Nerf gun battles have similar gameplay traits. It makes for a good price comparison.


What’s the connection between the nerf guns and the inceptors?


Here we are comparing price.


Oh ok


I think that those inceptors are a little bit too expensive, but after some game updates those decices will be good payable