Why i have to use Discord , and no another messenger app


I just want to know why we don’t have the choice with discord use in the game.
there are a lot of app (hang out, line, telegram,…) peopple may have their own community with their own way of communication.
i already member of a comunity (small one) that don’t use discord.
we have to use this communty in the game. but i don’t like the decision that we have to speak english, even we create a groupe for another specifique regional community. and i don’t have the choice i have to say yes or go
as you can see i’m not fluent in englsih, it is veryu difficult to speak, and explain with complex idea.
i if i don’t translate even it’s in a regional language groupe, modo came in the seconde for asking to translate

so why when a clik on forum can’t i go to a facebook page, g+ communauty… or when a click to chat i have to use discord and no my favourite messenger app


You are allowed to use whatever form of communication you desire before/during/after gameplay. Discord is being used by FATHER.IO as a WHOLE community, that way everyone is on the same platform and their is one source for official communication besides the forum’s themselves. I personally use a PTT client when playing but will use discord accordingly for whole community communication.



it’lucky you dont call the police if i use another way of communication, i juste ask , why 2 big button in the middle of the official app,
i already use another way of communication,
or why just dont put only link for join

i think it’s great that join our community direcly via the game, but this communty that you call the whole community are not this you use every day when you play,

so for a great idea join forum chat in the app, with button which take the half of the screen you arrive on a forum and a chat you dont use every day.
maybe some small link for join the whole community when you need global information, or want to have officlal communication. it’s better no ?
after you can say “don’t use it” if you don’t want…yes, but this topic are suggestion.


Thank you for your suggestion and concerns! I will try to break this into parts to better address each concern.

  1. Language: Breaking the language barrier has been a huge concern for our mod team! So big of a concern, we’ve started looking to the community to help us out! We’re currently looking for some mature, selfless community members who are very interested in volunteering their time and efforts for the betterment of the community. These Players will be responsible for helping our community bridge the gap between Players whose primary language is not English. Please find more details here: Pathfinder/Moderator Call Out

  2. Communication. Open-communication is very important to our team, and to the community as a whole. We hope that everyone can embrace the value of communication. As for “how” we can encourage this open-communication between all Players, we encourage all communities to communicate with each other in whichever means are most comfortable for them. If your community uses Line, Kakao, AIM, or any other communication app, we encourage you to use them! This community forum and the Discord channel are the best ways for the Father.io team to community to the ENTIRE community. From your perspective, think of the forum and Discord channel as a way for you to meet other players, and eventually build or join a community. From there, your team can community however you like.

I hope this helps! :sunglasses:


i m not so fluent in english to help you. i would like to help if i was.

i should be happy if one day i can accès To my community via thé link in the app because it s a really good idea.
and il agree To say that it’s important To have a générale community .
but i repeat this button in thé app. wich bring us in thé whole community it s not thé mots efficient for me.
morever it s very difficulté To write in english via mobile Phone. bécause thé auto correct . i have To write 2 ou 3 time thé Word .
now like we say in french : il faut mettre dans sa poche avrc son mouchoir par dessus.
i let you translate .
thx for tour time.