Who wants weekly updates?


It is very difficult for us normal people to get a response from any company. I think we should get weekly updates. I tried contacting the staff of father.io and was unsuccessful. So I decided to get their attention. I went to their Facebook and twitter and posted about a new game called Recoil. It uses IR guns, your phone, and a wifi router they made to enable FPS games and is available NOW at walmart.

This was a perfect opportunity for them to show the differences in their products and prove that their game is superior. This is what they did instead.

Its the first time I have ever been blocked on twitter!!! Please, I would like a refund! Thanks you! and I am officially leaving this community unless Father.io can convince me otherwise. I have been eagerly waiting for the IR device for this game. I want it to be highly superior to any other. And I want this game to be successful to the point that I am willing to actively help the development of it. I have just simply decided to wait for the release. But now, I don’t know. My doubts in this company and its ability to make this game a success have been increased. To top it off, this company seems to be going the route of POGO. They dont seem to like to respond and keep people informed. And any company who acts like this should go the way of the dodo. PROVE ME WRONG!


Anything more than what we have been getting…

Update-Sept 15, 2017

I think that the problem with the game developers is exactly what you say. It’s not delaying the release date or not having new app updates, but keeping their followers uninformed for months. I’m sure that some info updates every two or three weeks could have helped keeping the hype in the future players - I know several people who participated in the Indiegogo campaign with me and decided months ago to not play this game even if it actually comes out because of this. Even with the game release delayed for months, some new concept arts, indev game demos or just some random updates to prove they’re still alive and working on it would have been enough to keep people looking forward to it :sweat_smile:

But I would recommend at least to wait until the new version of the game, or at least to the supposed release date, which I think was around 15 september, pretty soon. If they don’t release it that time, or if they do and the game sucks, you just back out. I say this because the true potential of the game will be seen with the full community of players in the definitive version, and I guess it’s worth giving it a try. I also have mixed feelings. Cool game vs. quite poor campaign since several months ago. But I’m willing to see it in operation :smile:


I can only agree to what has been written here.
The update policy is simply a joke by now.
How hard can it be to give one paragraph of text every 2 weeks or so?
I really do understand the backers that are suspicious about their money.

Edit: Soundend too harsh


Problem is is they are running the community they had off quickly… Whats going to be left when they get around to release…?


That’s very true. The thing about today’s games is that no one really want to play them alone. That’s why board games are becoming very popular and POGO has had a resurgence thanks to its raid system which is getting people to meet each other and build a community around it. I brought up this very question Dec’16. How do we expand our community? Even if this game is awesome. It wont mean anything if we don’t have other players to play against. Smaller towns are more susceptible to this. Trading card games never make it off the ground floor because of this very thing. If they keep the price of the hardware the same. That will help.

I have been playing Niantic’s games from the very beginning. And all though not well executed their strategy is one companies should take note of. I think this game did take note but, as well executed it poorly. Release your game as you develop it. The first game you release still needs to have enough substance to it to keep the player base involved. I got board with this app after 5 min. They gave us very little story line to keep us engaged and curious enough to play the game to find out more. Lore is your friend! There is no reason for me to keep making time to play the game. They give us very little details on how all the systems they already have are going to work once the game is complete, which gives us less incentive to play. I mean why? What is it going to do for me? If i don’t know, I don’t care.

But the best part of making your game piece by piece is that you can get the feedback from your community and make THE game THEY want to play. Just like when your pitching your game to a big company, they can have a sticky pitching the game they want to make, as detailed as possible, to us.

This is the internet! We can make voting systems and the such. We can put our minds together and find ways to make things fair. Like a voting system where we vote only between two things at one time. Every one has a weight to their vote equal to their overall participation (from an algorithm we make). The loosing voters get a 2x bonus for their next vote. You can select to save your vote if you don’t care about the current thing being voted on to have more power for something you do care about.

With how fast things work on the internet and how many people you can have participating, we can modify the system until it works perfectly.

Now some might opt to do things thier way because they have a vision. Well, SHARE THAT VISION WITH US. We can throw ideas at you that fallow your vision and help you make it great.



Welllll, I dunno … Ingresses story line actually helped drive me away from it … +the Nerfing to make things more friendly to defensive play was the last straw … Then I saw father.io and said YES… But hard to stay excited when all we have seen is the map based stuff …


I gave up on father.io months ago. I do feel we’ve all been scammed. And at this point I don’t think it even matters if it is a real product, they have lost momentum and user base will be minimal. No fun playing by yourself.
Anyone can release a cheap beta app, and blog some product conception photos. I think we all need proof by now.


unfortunately you are right. father.io every time is more a lie than a game. I hope you Ferrazino. have a good explanation


I too am looking at recoil, bc I don’t think this will ever come out.


Guys!!! Look at my topic Panty Twisting Rant 2, we might get a lot of answers!!! GO GO GO!!!