Who lives in Southern California?


I’m from Oceanside, Ca. Born and raised. Where is everyone else from?
Gotta start building up my team as well.


San Diego here, well, Chula Vista more specifically. Got my Ingress team joining this game too as Evolved. We cant be seen with blue around :sunglasses: About 15-20 just in south bay and we will promote this game in the following Denver anomaly.


LA here, got about 10 ppl joining in my area, me and my friend have recruited 8 friends and we r getting 10 pack.


Yea well I so far only have my older brother. I need to tell more ppl about this game so we can become a group. For now I don’t mind joining up with a team. At the moment I live in Moreno Valley.


Hey @So90KaliLove and @DarthVader,

I’d love to join you guys sometime, as I visit the O’side pier frequently, and I used to live in Eastlake (Chula Vista).

I’m with the Evolved based in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego.


Nice, i do Ingress Ops with the crew up there sometimes


Coo @Talos I come to oside some of the times. I grew up there. Just don’t live there at the moment.


Hello fellow players!
GeneralHanSolo here, saying hello to all players in the southern California region. Looking forward to seeing you all out in the field; Human vs Evolved. Exciting and innovative times!

Calling all Humans! The final game release and delivery date of Inceptors are getting closer and closer and it’s about time we get the troops rally’ed up! I rather wait for a good device to be shipped rather than getting crappy devices sooner. Good things do come to those who wait!

Given that Cali is rather large, it would be wise to breakdown our region into sectors: Beaches, Mountains, Low Desert, High Desert, Inland Empire, Urban Region. This way, current beta players can begin team assemblies and start claiming! It would be great to start meeting players of the Humans faction in my area of play in the Inland Empire and Orange County areas.

For starters, let’s get people in touch with Google+ Community: Father IO Humans - Southern California Division. Keeping the troops informed is a good way to build moral early on the game. So Cal needs a foundation, so let’s get moving!

Team Security Vouching: Keeping the opposing faction out of Humans’ affairs is a crucial step to start building solid teams. Simply setup a quick meeting and greet, (in person or in cam) show your ‘active’ and working Father.IO app to prove your faction. (Do Not Accept screenshots as these can be fabricated. Nicely ask the player to login at the time of meeting so both parties can verify the player’s handle).

– General HanSolo
"Never tell me the odds!"