Who can give me an idea


I bought four Inceptors, three to my friends.

In this case, I don’t know how to ask them to give me money.

Plz,help me.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

first inceptors in the video

After hooking my inceptors up with power through a mini-usb cable, the lights will turn red and green over and over again.

it non stop from morning till night.

Taking them off the powercable inflicted the lights turned off. Will not display blue light and can not connect neither

Below is the reply from father.io

thanks for sending us the video.

There is no issue in these inceptors. The green one indicates it is being charged, it gets red as there is probably a lowering in the power supply. They are not blinking later so they are fine, they should be blinking blue when pairing.

Hope this helps

The Father.IO Team

Interceptor continuously flashing Blue (not connecting)

If u didn’t tell your friends about they should pay you before you give them the interceptor. Then it is another story. But if you did then go to your friends and tell them to pay it to you. U shouldn’t be scared of your friends. If they are emotional, then help them get a better mentality if you can. If u didn’t tell them before, now you tell them and make a plan. Because you own it.


but i really wanna solve the problem


I’m afraid that is a nice scam this product.We are at least three people to have a battery problem Faulty battery on Interceptor ! Why would your friends pay for a product that doesn’t work.


I just posted the same problem. This is obviously a problem with the battery. I find the lack of acknowledgment concerning. I have charged via desktop computer which usb ports on a computer don’t have the same output as a wall charger for a cell phone. And it started alternating between red & green. It did the same thing on a wall charger. While it was “on” I was able to pair in the settings on my phone but no blue led. There is obviously an issue. It should be looked in to before anything is dismissed.