Who can give me a link for father.io beta in ios


Please help me share with me link for father.io in ios…urgent


Here is the thread about Beta app invites. If you have iOS and are currently a backer, you may get a slot for the iOS beta.


This is my apple id senior.syahmir@icloud.com
I hope you can give me the link for ios/appstore


not to come off as a huge D***, but did you search the forums at all before you made this thread?


Can you send me a link to my apple id


Can you give me a link to my apple id


wow…just wow…

i will lay this out flat simple easy everyone can understand.

  1. have you purchased a interceptor aka (also known as)become a backer? If yes proceed to step 2, if not you need to go here https://father.io/ purchase one of the packages off of the indigo page!
    step 2 message or as we say PM (private message) tarun@

instructions related to step 2
top right hand corner of forums there is you avatar…screw it i will add pictures.

step 3
wait for tarun@ to message you back and or email you the beta IOS key/link. he will get to it no need to spam message him. could take up to 24 hours!

Good day now stop making dumb threads, learn to search before you create!
sorry this was so blunt but seriously we have 10 threads and new threads created every day about this… not hard to search


@kaj feel free to close this thread…or add it to the main thread regarding IOS Beta


Hit up Tarun with the @ sign in front and he will help you out with that.