Which do you prefer Humans or Evolved


It’s on their indiegogo page. :slight_smile:


Thank you for answering that i wasnt on for like a day



Humans are the grater cause. Humans show love & compassion. Evolved shows numbers and statistics, humans have determination & Free!! will, Evoled is just a program. WE ARE EVOLED NOT EVOLVED #JTR


Humans have adaptability while the Evolved have too limited data volume to adapt

#JTR :smile:




Evolved, do I need a reason? :smiling_imp:


Going to be staying as Human anyways. :slight_smile:


Born. a human…die a human…Always a human!!


Im thinking about changing to evolved :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be a (de)evolution! :wink:


Don’t you dare change man!! Stay as Human!!! #HumansRule!!




We have a traitor in our midst. :thinking:


Humans all the way…cause I’m human now and I’ll be human when I’m dead … Yoggityyuupppp!!!


I was just a prank bruh. Look :movie_camera: there’s the camera


i will go and stay as Human…


I have this issue… in ingress I’m ENL, but for what I understand evolved came to fix the world and now they want to eliminate a race without judgement? That’s too egocéntrics for me. But also if humans are scumbags Ild not like to be with theme. … where can I get more info about the story? Ive not decided yet what team to choose. Kind of going towards humans tho.


The story at www.father.io is considered canon. If you’re interested in story-related ideas and interpretations which may or may not eventually be canonized @Thanatos357 opened up a thread here with a lot of interesting reading along these lines.


All I gotta say is this: Ingress is Ingress and Father.IO is Father.IO. Choose your race based on the storyline and what draws you into this game! :sunglasses:


Ohm where is the story exactly? Because of what the game tells, is not much. Tho I choose human. I don’t like the idea of killing everyone without judgement like Evolved’s are doing. So I’m defending the race. Also those robots can get rusty :joy: