Where Is The Full Map?


Anyone have any news on when the rest of the app will open back up? It’s nice to have something to do when nobody is around.
Building and maintaining territory was a big part of why I backed this project.


The devs are talking about bringing it back in the Spring. The development focus is now on the FPS portion of the game.


It’s really annoying because I used to be able to play the game on my phone. I could travel, build, harvest and store stuff.
Now I’m looking at an inceptor on the table with nobody around to play. And if the map was back up, maybe while at a point of interest, I might bump into someone.
They are losing the customers they could have had if the game was a lot more involved than begging friends/strangers to stand still while I shoot them in the face for practice.


I understand your frustration but remember this game is still in beta. Now that the inceptor czar built testing for that phase of the game has begun. The Tactical map will come back in spring with a new look and probably lots of more options. I believe if you just hang on it will be worth it. In the meantime why not try getting one of your friends to buy an inceptor as well to play against?


I’m not sure you can fall back on “Its in beta” if the product is on store shelves.
And that’s certainly not an argument for me to give the company any extra money by buying another one.


I’m not sure what else you would call an application that isn’t fully developed, where the developer is actively engaged in chat (Discord) with the users to further refine things, and there is a public “roadmap” of new things the game will implement. The patch that allowed inceptor sharing came about just weeks after Indego backers received their inceptors and complained about not being able to let their friends play the game to show it off.

So yes, I stand by my opinion, it’s still in Beta. But so is Google Maps and I use that application daily as well.


I’m not saying it’s not in beta. I’m saying they don’t deserve a pass because “it’s in beta.” When they are shedding features, but also selling the product on the mass market.
Google Maps is free by the way. So, yeah… maybe they would deserve a pass.
However, Maps is not it’s not in Beta. Although it is largely seen as a completed product, they regularly enhance it with features which will be considered in Beta until either permanently adopted or removed from the platform. There is also a Beta program for Google Maps for users who choose to opt into the latest and greatest with the chance that some things may go wrong.


I agree with brandizzle, saying it’s beta is kind of a lame excuse. And like receiving the actual interceptor itself. I’ll believe it when I see it. How many times did the actual interceptor get delayed. This spring you say… Pppfffttt! This whole thing has turned out to be a waste of time and money