Where are the inceptors?


I make sure not to assume since it rarely helps any situation nor did I say Proxy cares more about money than it’s backers. I am hoping that someone from the company may read through these forums, see this post and fix the mistake that they have said came from the shipping company. Like I said, no assumption. They state on indigogo that the shipping company is the reason for the delays to backers. However, in any retail company, everything falls on those in charge. I am hoping that they provide better updates on how they are going to fix it.


@Uknouwannabme that’s exactly my point. You are making an assumption that Proxy is in charge of when it went on the Brookstone shelves. I can tell you 100% that proxy produced enough to cover all the backers orders as well as disbursements for the retail stores. Once it is in the hands of the shipping companies or the retail partners that is where the possibility of it being out of their hands. I feel very confident that they won’t use the same shipping company ever again. Brookstone well they are massive and my guess is that any contract with them will favor them over Proxy.

@xhozt why not try to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


Here’s the solution. Provide tracking numbers.


If they “produced enough” every backers order should be in the system with a tracking number. Even if they fulfilled the Brookstone order along my wirh ours at the same time. The orders would exist and the tracking numbers would also exist. This story that the shipping company screwed up is total bull crap. China ships products every day to America. A screwup on their shipping company would only result in a one or two day delay at the most. This is the 21st century ppl. We live in a world where technology rules all. Everything is tracked and logged. Produce the serial numbers for the backers order from the manufacturer along with the shipper manafest when they picked up the shipments or produce the freight holding paperwork and date held along with the manafest with a list of all the devices and orders associated with them and we will back down…Produce Something , anything that validated they’re story.


Oh yea btw the Brookstone order arrived yesterday at my neighbors house.


How am i part of the problem again? I dont work for a shipping co or proxy or brookstone…
Besides I think you are not defining the problem…


@Huggybear187 um those come from the shipping company which as they have stated there are issues with


Today I received one of the inceptors ooooohhhhh great!!! I just start


Yes, the project is FAR to deep to “screw us” to be profitable. The most beneficial thing to the devs status and money growth would’ve been to get backers our orders asap. The average random brookstone buyer probably just saw trailer and thought “cool holiday toy”. Us backers are instrumental to keeping and growing the interest as we know the full future plans and can explain it to new folks. That was the intent, so I believe it’s true that the shipping company f**Ed up because it makes NO money for it not to be true and only costs them and slows down the general expansion process. (Slows down rate of new buyer’s, slows down data gathering for game improvements, etc). They are so far along, spend LOTS of money to get this far, if they were scammers the project would’ve disappeared before they get government parents and passed government RF trials (government involved always = money drain).