Where are the inceptors?


So it’s been a long long time now and still we haven’t got our inceptors, what is going on?

You keep on promising but nothing…
If this continues we’ll be taking the legal route.

I need some explanation.


look ----> https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/father-io-massive-multiplayer-laser-tag-app#/updates/all

a-Boom! Inceptors are reaching you soon: get ready!
Dear backers,

the moment you are all waiting for is finally arriving, it’s time to celebrate!

Production has indeed started for the Inceptor, have a quick taste of it in this video:

This week, in fact, the first 7,000 Inceptor units have been produced and they will be delivered to our warehouse based in Hong Kong. These first units will be packed and labelled there, and their shipment worldwide will most probably start at the end of the next week.

So the first Inceptors will be with you soon! Be aware that, in order to get started with this work, we need to permanently lock the address. We will need to process pre-orders and complete address updates for those who sent address change requests till today - we are sorry, but no further changes will be possible.

This is the work our shipment team is taking care of as per your pre-orders, everything is packed with the necessary instructions and paperwork - it’s actually reaching you shortly.

We are still not there, but there’s just few bits pending! Nevertheless we already want to thank you all for your unconditional support and patience - and now it’s definitely time to start kick ass, soldiers!


The Father.IO Team


You buy an idea when you back a crowd funded product not a product.


Not all people on here are backers. Some have “pre-ordered” the inceptors with a pretty absurd promise of delivery (Q3 2017)


again you back an idea to deliver a product. please be patient with the development team they are working hard to deliver a high quality product.


I know that. I’m just saying that - in this case - the “you are a backer, be patient”-speech doesn’t apply. if you pre-order you’re NOT a backer!


Sorry. I pre-order a goog product, not only pay for your idea only, and you promised send a product no send and idea only, and I have a patient when you inform that you need more time to finished proyect in good standard. I put money on idea when you says send to me when have a good product , it is possible not have a product you return my money.
When I paid by paypal at beginning , I have 45 days to claim, on the web says the product are sended on time…you says need more time … I decided help you for that to success your product.


I am a mod. I do not work for proxy. But as I stated. You buy an idea. The idea is to create a product. When they have their idea realized then they start shipping.

That being said they are shipping the inceptors now.


Dribbles and drops…


@xhozt look at the updates…


I got my 4 inceptors today (part of the early access beta testers for backers) delivered in the Netherlands.
So i can definitely assure you inceptors are being shipped out!


anyone in the US receive them ? still waiting on mine as well have not received an email about any updates and i am finding it hard to keep up on the forums .


"After our direct confrontation, the service provider admitted the whole process would have experienced delays and has promised to come back in the next days providing a new fulfilment plan, which we are also urging."
been a few days…


Seriously? Calm down. I’m in the exact same boat you are.

“They will be here” in my best Saul voice


They already are! I’m with you that I was a backer of an idea, an investor. As that backer, it was noted that I would be one of the first to receive the product when it became a reality, which it is now. I understood there would be delays and fully accepted that when I paid for my early bird special almost 2 years ago. However, the fact that anyone can purchase these in store before mine has been shipped is what disappoints me. Along with the fact that there is no real contact for shipping concerns or updates. Only forums and twitter feeds for updates. I cannot seem to upload my picture, but I stopped by my local mall in Northern Virginia and took a picture of the inceptors on the shelf and spent some time explaining what they are to the reps at that Brookstone as they were unfamiliar with them.


This has been a damn shame on Proxy chose to fill their pockets with money by fulfilling the Amazon and Brookstone orders before they fulfilled their backers. I’ve been a beta tester from
Day 1 and active promoter of this game and now that you have your product and Amazon order you apparently don’t care about all Of us anymore. You wouldn’t have an Amazon order if it wasn’t for us and you chose them over all of us. I ordered a 2 Pack of interfeptor well over a year and a half ago and still haven’t received even a tracking number or any type of response what so ever Except for the canned excuse they gave everyone about “issues with shipping”. My neighbor ordered 2 for his kids off Brookstone website yesterday and got his tracking number today. It arrives on Monday. Odd how you’re able to fulfill the big order but unable to even respond to those who got you here.

Damn shame


Do you know what’s going on? Why does everyone insist on jumping to conclusions? Everyone keeps balming proxy. Has anyone considered that is could be brookstone looking to get inventory off their books before the end of the year? I know my company and their mfg sites looks to have as little inventory around as possible come end of quarter or year time.

All sides of an equation should be considered.


I am not jumping to any conclusions, only stating a fact. We the backers/investors have not received what we were promised while the product is now available to the general public without any real update on the status. Your statement that Brookstone is trying to clear out inventory before the years end makes perfect sense as I do the same at my job. What doesn’t make sense is that the inceptors would be something they are getting off the books before we even receive confirmation that ours have shipped. I agree with Huggybear that if it wasn’t for those of us that initially invested, this could still just be an idea and not a reality.


I can’t deny they are in brookstone but your argument assumes that they care about the us more than their bottom line…

You’re still assuming that proxy has full control. How do you know that the shipping company not getting everything out on time is causing this


The only side not being considered is backers. Feels very like we have been treated like we are nothing