Where are my areas, and structures?


How do I get to the map? Since the update, I can’t collect any resources from my buildings.


The map is down for now. All of this was stated in numerous topics before and also in an update or two. ^^ Please look before asking the same question as everyone else. Thank you. ^^


im not sure i understand


What I mean is that this very question has been asked numerous times before. And it’s been answered numerous times before.
The map is down. It’s not available right now due to being revamped and remade. When it’s supposed to be released is unknown yet though.


This is why I asked how to delete the topic. Posted +6 months ago. I understand that the Tactical map is being perfected. And, when it’s released, we will still have all the areas we took, and all the resources we collected. This is why I am working on my patience, and not creating topics about the Tactical map.


No worries. I was just replying again to the guy above.