When will the incepters become available in stores


I know u guys are shipping a lot out on Aug 14th but when can I go buy them in walmart?


That is a good question. I would ask this in the Discord chat.



walmart is not a partner. Brookstone is the current B&M partner.


Great question. I’m not very business savvy and I don’t know the process, but it seems like the priority goes to the backers. Then after they get it and test it out, then they will release the product to other businesses.

You can still purchase them on the indiegogo page though :sunglasses:


And that’s fine but my mane concern is when will the game be out of beta. I’m ready to play. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to play something so bad


You are not alone. We have all been waiting very long, including the dev team.

To address your concern, the game will most likely be out of beta some time after the inceptors are shipped. The team seems like they have everything ready to go. I’m guessing that after we get the inceptors, we will be the ones to “test” it out and report any bugs we may find so that they can fix, update, patch, and prepare a product that can be available in stores.:sunglasses:


Thank God! I guarantee this will be the #1 game everyone will have it. This is on a whole nother level of gaming


As @Sapper brings up, we have a job too when we get our gear. We need to test things. Day, night, indoors, outdoors, hot and cold weather. I forsee a number of inceptors probably getting pushed quite hard and maybe our phones too. But we have to do these to help them polish the tech faster.

Gen2 inceptors are going to be where it truely has a chance to get big. I’m wondering if each “Stage 1” player will get a registration code for 1 free mail-in replacement?