When is the release date?


I’m probably just one of those nosy people, but is there a general date that the full release (or at least the gun feature) is going to be out?


First set of interceptors (fps device) should be shipped out by 14th of august, pending FCC approval… there was a slight delay with regards to certification testing, but has been corrected… the rest will follow relatively quickly after that… almost there, we are at the final countdown


I believe the game itself officially releases on July 31. Can I get a moderator confirmation? @Sapper


I think he was busy on video editing for youtube today :wink:


We don’t know.

Originally both the release of the app and shipping of the inceptors was set for July 31st. Now that there’s been trouble with certification of the inceptors there may or may not be a delay in shipment that may or may not affect the release date of the app


The July 31st release date was pushed back a couple of weeks per the latest announcement by the Proxy42 team.

@NXRACER I was working on a new video at that time haha


There was no such announcement. They speculated that the issues “might ultimately have an impact of a pair of weeks on the shipping dates” in the latest indiegogo update.

In my eyes that’s not a definite statement. Since the mods on the discord channel emphasize the validity of the indiegogo updates at every opportunity, I hope there will be another update with the new timeline. Hopefully before July 31st.

Edit: came out too strong


@Ihsees Sapper is a mod on the discord channel same as me.