What is this building?!?


I’ll have to check out LAS (Las Vegas) on my next day off. :grinning:


Bring it on. Any day.


Yesterday sounds like a good day. But you smurfs cant time travel. That’s a privilege for the Evolved


The goldfish (@RaNar) called us smurfs :joy: this is gonna end bad for him :wink:


I agree @RandomName, the Goldfish are going to regret this.


Here’s a link to where POi buildings are located


Hey Huggybear187, I know this is a stupid question but what are POI buildings. I don’t know.


POI’s are Points of Interest. You can find them by going around and claiming Tiles on airports or just normal stores


if you build something on top of them do you get like bonus res?


You cant build something on a tile occupied by a POI but there can be multiple on one tile


Oh okay thank you!!!


Your Welcome :smile:


Moved this topic to the Bug section due to the strange buildings until further notice.

@tarun @IamYourVirtualFather


OMG I got one too!!!


I want one, or twenty!


I dont think they’re starnge. If cryptos are banks and stuff and panels are food places, then this building is a combination of both and most likely (in my head) a Food-Bank? xD


LOL now thats funny cus they actually exsist


I want 268334523635685674 of them and @DarthVader normally they would be separated xD


These are just two custom POIs built on the same tile. There is a small bug which can sometimes allow you to build a second POI on the same area. The two colors combine and produce the white color. Although this is a bug, but i would say this is a random and disguised feature :smiley:


I want to know how to do it… XD