What can we do in-game so far?


I am ok with the game being low on features as obviously it’s still in the works, but what can we do so far?
I’ve claimed squares, built 3 different structures, raided a few evolved squares, harvested, both locally and with the drone. Banked supplies.
Is that all we can do so far? Or am I missing things?


Yes. With the Tactical Map (Beta), right now you can do the following:

-Claim areas
-Build structures
-Harvest resources from areas, structures, and POIs
-Raid and Block raids
-Deposit resources into Banks

-Harvest resources from areas, structures, and POIs
-Deposit resources into Banks

-Raid and Block raids
-See other players on the Tactical Map (Realtime): If you click on their arrow, their name will be displayed
–Note: You cannot see any drones on the map except for your own–

Hope this helps!


With no one in my area besides me that is an interesting factoid. Thanks for the info!


Ok, so it seems I have it covered! How does one block a raid?


By being on the raid square, clicking it and selecting block raid. :slight_smile:


Cool, Thanks! Dunno about this 20 words or more rubbish. This could get old pretty quickly!


So I play in green bay, wisconsin, i feel like i am the only player around! What does a POI look like on map? How do i know if they even have any in my city?


Firstly another wisconsin player, cool. Secondly @Dryxis-Humanityfirst they should show up as little circles with symbols. A bar is represented by a martini glass for example


Oh cool, alright good to know. Any word on when the FPS aspect is coming out?


Not that I am aware of


The full app with FPS will come out as soon as the first backers start receiving their inceptors.