Wearable Power Ups


This is a long winded post, but I’m hoping to get a good discussion going. Prepare your seeing balls.

I believe the goal of Father.IO is to bring people closer together through competition.

I’m making the assumption Father.IO players would already be fine with getting physical items to play the game with because of the Inceptor. Lots of people on my college campus keep asking me when the game comes out. There’s tons of interest.

The idea is adding wearable NFC trinkets to the game that facilitate togetherness. These could be in the form of idols/figurines like the Nintendo Amiibo, or an NFC ring, badge, or necklace. For the sake of clarity, I will be calling these “gadgets” from now on.

The idea is that these gadgets have a unique ID on them that can be identified by a central server. If this ID is read by the NFC sensor on 2 different devices, it can act as a sort of “you met a fellow soldier” point and grant a marginal power up or reward such as 20 of each Energy and Cryptocoin. Something small, but something that tells the player, “Good job!”

These power ups can vary from gadget to gadget too! They should still be marginal boosts and only have 1 active at a time or have a cooldown.

Some gadgets can be rarer than others. These could be bought online for, say $15 for an NFC finger ring that grants a small resource bonus to anybody who scans it every 48 hours, and rare gadgets that can be bought for dedicated players for like $50 for a team badge that can grant 1 extra ammo per clip reload if scanned before a shootout, and “legendary” gadgets can be awarded at tournaments only. You can share these boosts with your team mates, and this makes people bond with one another.

Not to mention, this could make team outfitting all the more strategic. Who has what boost? Can the boost only be active on one player at a time because of its unique ID? Get creative!

These can be symbolic gadgets that represent some sort of achievement - something you can wear proudly and tell your friends about.

These can also be permutated into a capture the flag system. Make an idol gadget that 1 team hides, and if the other team can scan it, they win. Attackers vs defenders, maybe. This could probably be pulled off with QR codes, but it’s still an idea.

And cough cough this can be an incredible source of revenue. As long as you don’t flirt too closely with Pay to Win mechanics and keep the power ups marginal, this would be freaking awesome!

In closing, I think these gadgets pander to the player types of Killer, Socializer, and Achiever. See this video if you want to learn what that means.

What are the community’s thoughts on this mechanic? Is this unfair to players who can’t afford these gadgets? What kind of gadgets can you think of or most want to wear? What would you be willing to pay for such a thing?


I used to be anti micro-transactions but this game’s potential i am absolutely willing to buy a $10-20 ring or wristband for a 20% armor or ammunition capacity, range or power modifier.

This could become the real GGO and cryptocoins in 10-15years could become real money fractions in special business partnerships and zomes (for any anime fans out there.)


I understand the reference. :wink: I feel like there could be some sort of TF2 hat-like economy with the “gadgets” if they’re done right.


Maybe even if possible and rings/wristbands would cost too much then subdued designed shirts or jerseys with a velcro strap to attach or change perks per match and iD chip for future tournaments and broadcasted events?


Keep in mind the whole idea of these things being wearable is to share the in-game reward. It can turn you into something others can farm. It would be something to get a conversation started.

“Hey, you have the Father.IO Power Ring? Can I scan it for the bonus 20 Cryptocoin and Energy?”
“Sure! Wanna do a quick raid with me too?”
“Heck yeah!”

This is almost like the Pokemon Go Plus accessory, a small boost in the ability to farm Pokestops, but nothing game changing. A very, very small boost to gameplay, but nothing that leaves free-to-play players in the dust.

It would ideally be something that cannot normally be achieved with a simple in-game purchase.


Maybe have different stuff with different effects, some for farming boosts, others for combat bonuses at the expense of farming maybe? Choose between using standard resource or power charge bonus vs slower resource and charge but extra stowed magazine? I think that could create a gamble of specializations vs broad builds. Travelers with more time can farm but busy people need to fight more so might risk more. But i agree, armor/DPS is a bit too big to tinker with.


I like the idea but the only thing I would pay for is the look on your face when I dominate you in a fire fight, since I’m a guy who completely distroys the top dollar players without using a nickle I would just use the so called bonuses like one would use someone else’s cellphone I can’t wait for the release!!

Good luck everyone who opposes me your gonna need it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is such a great idea. Objects like this would bring the game even more to our world!


There are ideas for other things in the works. We dont know much about them but FF has eluded to them. I think it would be better if we could use this kind of thing for a trust system.


I really like this idea, I think that there should be a limit to how many you use at a time though.


I entirely agree with this.


Good discussion idea. But I have to say, doesn’t NFC require a device on both sides of the connection? I can’t imagine wearing an NFC ring on my finger. Or wearing a gadget all day, because I will be playing all day. Because when there was a map to take, and build on, I played all day, every day.


Damn good idea… Though could be copied pretty easily security would be interesting…


Nfc tags can be almost anything… A sticker ring wristband biz card you name it…

Hell i am getting a rfid implant soon… If @proxy42 pays for it I’ll leave it coded for the website or url of their choice for a year…