We Got an Update! (April 3, 2017)


You can see the original post on the IndieGoGo site here. Here’s a copy and paste of the text, but I would advise checking the original source.

Hello Father.IO Community,

As always, we would like to thank you for your tremendous support and we’d like to share exciting investment news and important product updates. We are entering the final manufacturing phase of your Inceptors – that means you’ll have it in time for Summer play! We will share another shipping update soon.

Proxy 42 has received $2 million in investment funds from strategic partners Lenovo Capital and iDreamSky! This investment will be used to accelerate our manufacturing capabilities, amp up software development, and continue to grow the Proxy42 team. We have already expanded our Research & Development department.

In early January, after our CES appearance, we realized the LED light pipes [were] not meeting our performance expectations. To ensure accuracy, we decided to redesign the light pipes and reevaluate our final design. While this delayed our production one month, we were able to reach the high-level of quality and consistency that we will always strive for. The new pipes are ready to go so you can sight in on enemies like a boss!

The original Bluetooth SoC that we had chosen for the Inceptor was scheduled to go out of production in late 2017, making it necessary for us to recertify new hardware in early 2017. Fortunately, we were able to choose a different Bluetooth SoC from the same vendors. While this did delay production, taking this extra time guarantees that we have a sustainable component with the most up-to-date firmware.

The bottomline is we’ll be providing the best product possible, with full functionality for the ultimate gaming experience. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please go to http://community.father.io/ or chat with the Devs. As a team we realize we need to communicate more throughout this complicated process, moving forward we commit to keeping our backers more informed with regular updates. We will have another update for you this month, and thank you again for your unwavering support and great feedback!

The Father.IO Team


Adding my own thoughts on this, more information like this, especially in a more timely manner, is highly appreciated – actually essential. It’s going to need a few social reparations with my friends telling them I won’t be able to play Father.IO with them before Summer break; I’ve already gone off and said the release date was about now since I didn’t hear anything otherwise. A whole month of extra production is probably something that could have been seen from at least a week ago. We should have had an update on at least that. My word doesn’t hold as much weight now and I look bad.

I understand how the production aspects are unavoidable at times. If you can’t meet the due date, then just tell us. You might get some flak for it by some people, but it’s better than leaving us all in the dark.

We are your evangelists. We want to spread the word about a game that we have invested so much into – word of mouth is still something we leverage. A lot of us want to help this game take off. Help us manage this task correctly and effectively.

edit: I want to say thanks for the update we got today. I ended this post on a harsh note, but I want to leave it with some positivity. I really appreciate what we got, and I’m looking forward to more in the future. :smiley:


I see this project and every similar leap forward in mass tech upgrade in the way that NASA or SpaceX probably do for aerospace projects.
This tech could have a major future impact on many parts of daily life. From saving lives to buying groceries reducing need for long lines and crowded spaces. (A hint for later, think NFC but long range)

I am in for the long haul and cant wait to put my inceptor through desert trials. I am already looking forward to helping with feedback for the next waves while the devs have the patent.


Word is this Tuesday new update out!