Various bugs witnessed during 2vs2 TDM


I posted this on Discord already, so copy/paste:

  • Kills are not counted properly. We were 1:4 behind, then got 2 kills, and suddenly it said 6:4. This happened similarly a couple of times.
  • Final results were different from phone to phone. Mine said Draw, others said that one team had won. Also, points and K/D for each player were different from phone to phone.
  • We noticed furthermore that 5 Minutes per round often is too short. We would like to recommend the possibility of adjusting some parameters when setting up a game, like choosing the length of the game
  • There also seem to be issues with GPS, or the functionality of EMPs and Claymores. I placed EMPs a couple of times, and although my friend ran exactly over it, it didn’t go off.
  • Same goes for Medipacks. I wanted to heal my girlfriend, but although she was standing next to me, she didn’t get healed.
  • Once I got killed during the Medipack animation, and didn’t have a Medipack available after respawn. I had to die once more to be able to use it again.
  • One time the length of the game was asynchronous. For one of us the round was already finished, while the others had to play about 30 more seconds
  • Sometimes when I set up games (Huawei P10 Lite, Android 7), the map to set respawn points is black, and the respawn points are not visible. Seems to happen when I set up a couple of games in a row.
  • Some (probably already known) sound bugs. Music stops playing in the menu after a match is finished, some sounds like reload keeps being looped although reloading has long been finished, …
  • When the battle is over, and I see the final results, sometimes the button to go back to the menu doesn’t work. When I press it, the game recognises it (button changes colour), but doesn’t exit the game. Had to completely shut down the game and start again multiple times.


Good write-up I’ll share it with the team! :+1:t2: