Users unable to send messages to other users


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To prevent the ios Beta request thread being cluttered I’ve moved the posts regarding the PM problem in this new topic.

Issue: Some people don’t see the blue ‘message’ button when clicking on someone’s name/avatar.
Remark: it might have something to do with the age of their account but this is merely an assumption.


Assumptions were correct. Thanks @Jayvvyn for pointing out it is the ‘basic’ badge that is required.

Solution: Get the ‘Basic’ badge! You can get the Basic badge relatively fast by doing one of below options:

  • entering at least 5 topics
  • reading at least 30 posts
  • spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Here’s an image of the Badge you’ll receive:

Shotdown007 posted:
Theres no blue button for me D:

Beta app invites
Beta app invites
Beta app invites
Beta app invites

There’s no “Message” button for Tarun that I can see…
or do I need to do something to enable messaging here?


Do you not get a interface like this when clicking on someone’s avatar?
If not we’ll have to check with @tarun


This is what I see… a little different to yours.


Hmm it might have something to do with your account maybe not being ‘old’ enough…
We’ll have to ask the ‘Masters of Awesome’ @tarun & @IamYourVirtualFather to be sure though.


Cheers :sunglasses:
I’ve disabled the adblocker and antivirus blocker and still no button.
Thanks for the help.


@iisacc I think your permissions will increase to be able to “message” someone once you’ve met the “basic” requirements. You’ll get a badge indicating that you can link pictures, and all kinds of other things. I think part of the requirement is time, posts some stuff, read some stuff, like some stuff and I’m not sure what else. Welcome to the forums!


I don’t know how to message to message you or the button isn’t there. How can I send you my details for access to the beta version for IOS.


O ok!!, You have to be level 1 to be able to message people. They should of told us that, if not already.


I found the badge for the “Trust level” requirement::


Solution to this problem has been found and added in the first post.
Topic will be closed.



How to PM for limited beta invites, my indiegogo ID


And how do I PM you in this forum? Cannot find any way to do this. I really want an iOS beta invite.


@cyrilkong @MrFixxiT I have moved your post to this topic. I’ve sent both of you a PM with the info on private messaging as well.