Useful tips before selling your phone?


People are now changing their phone quite often and we have a lot of private staff on the phone. How to protect the privacy before selling it to someone else?


Umm… you could always put your pictures on a sd card and remove the card, same with videos and songs.
Or if you can back everything up to cloud… or a google email. You could do that…
As to numbers, sometimes they can be saved to an sd card. But if you have a phone like mine, then you can save them straight to your google email.

As you can see, there are numerous ways. If anyone else has any other ideas, please feel free to submit them.


Before you sell any phone, you want to make sure that you erase all of your data on it. Most phones nowadays are pretty good at allowing users to manage the data they put onto the device, including erasing all of it. You may want to remove your SIM card. SIM cards normally hold all your contacts and call logs, and the next user will have no need for your SIM card, so make sure you take that out.

Like @RaNar mentioned, you want to remove your micro SD card prior to selling it. I haven’t heard of a phone that came issued with a micro SD card. However, if you must sell the micro SD card with your phone, make sure that you erase all the content on it, and format it with the correct file system. You can read up more on how to do that online.

I hope this helps :sunglasses:


Thanks. The fact is that removable SD card seems not a default option for new smartphones. I tried factory reset but it seems not a good idea because the data can still be pulled out with certain free tools.


Most Factory resets also reset all the data stored in the phone. You also need to make sure that you unlink your phone from any external accounts (i.e. Facebook, Apple ID, email accounts, etc) and make sure you also remove access privileges from your phone onto those accounts (i.e. Facebook security settings).


Must be deleted some private data ,files ,and some important contacts and messages,photos,notes from phone ,the "Delete"means that you have to permanently delete data on your phone without recovery.


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I used to factory reset my phone before selling phone , but i know this is not the good tip, theses data can be recovered back on my phone with some recovery tool , it doesn’t make sense
What we need is to erase everythng from Android phone without any recovery ,