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First, you could make it so you can view a list of all claimed areas so you can harvest from them. Also, upgradable drones ( the ones used to harvest) speed and range can only harvest from areas in range

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I personally think that being able to harvest from afar isn’t the best idea. I get what you’re saying but the point of having harvesting limited in distance is so that you only harvest around your “homebase” and not just harvesting something you captured while driving through an area in a different state. It also makes you get up and go out if you want to get more resources and also makes you want to capture areas you’re in a lot such as work or home or even families houses or your local grocery store.


I thought it was possible to harvest at a distance? For me it just takes a long time for the drone to reach it’s destination.


You can harvest from a distance as far as I have noticed. However, if there is a limit, then I have not found one. I only harvest close to me for optimum performance. Strategically and logically speaking, that is what’s needed in a warzone. Optimal choices.


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There are a lot of legal issues concerning the use of unmanned drones. Besides, this game is intended to be less for the sedentary and more for the active. So I don’t mind marching out to claim stuff around my home town. The only issue is how long it takes to harvest using the single virtual drone in our network. If multiple drones with higher top speeds or greater carrying capacity could be included, that would speed along resource production (doesn’t have to be right away though).

And of course, the ability to scroll out to a wider range (say, 5-10 square kilometers) would lessen the pain of having to locate local ‘hotspots’ of resources.


It would be nice if you could shoot down the virtual drones with the inceptor :slight_smile:


What he was referring to was having a list to just select your owned squares from. Which would mean once you own it you would not have to ever go back to the spot you claimed. But yes you can harvest from a distance. But it takes quite a bit of time.


I think in the ama they mentioned something along this lines. They did say you could shoot the drones down though


Just to add to the topic drones travel approximately 20mph and I send my drones over six miles


wow @thunderkats that takes some dedication to scroll that much.


Do you do it on your Android??? Sheesh. My screen is so tiny, scrolling that far is a lengthy process.


Yeah it takes some scrolling on the iPhone plus the loading times as well


I have radius of about 30 miles that I travel in its taking time to claim all this area though


It better! LOL, I need to match you and make sure we have good resources built up for the coming campaigns.


Being able to harvest that wide is really not all that practical considering the drones travel time.
But I would suggest as a tip to have several “pockets” where you can farm.

This is in addition to your “homebase”. A good Droning Farm is best when being in the center of it, then spiraling out square by square to the right or left. A square grid at least 10x10 is optimal.


This is correct although area I cover is vast I am in these areas for several hours at a time which gives me ample time to harvest these huge area


Yea when they do reache it of course


I would like to be able to upgrade them to harvest all the amount from Pois not just 40 per fly


I think all of us would like that @SuicideSquad. But that all depends on the Dev team. Though I don’t see why they wouldn’t make it happen.