Upgrades does nothing but cost


I upgraded few buildings to lvl 3 but nothing happens. It’s just cost resources. It it a bug?


Haha, yes. More or less, it is. Upgrading is not effective for anything. That will definitely be different in the full release.


I see :sweat: thx


This is not a bad thing if these stay the level by then. Warehouses and armories can go way up. Highest i have seen for warehouse sofar is 12.

I wonder what these will mean in full release, resistance to takeover? Increased hacking drain/ speed? Perks like “daily auto delivery” to nearest vault or bank at some level? (can store 100 for now but maybe at a point can store 500+ but each day passively sends 40-100 to vault). Armory seems to likely be access to weapon type or weapon levels.


Will the buildings including also lvl stay after three final version rollout?


Upgrade all the buildings possible. Try to upgrade them all to the max. The max for warehouse and armory is about lvl 40 I think. The reason I am saying upgrade everything is because when the game gets released so will the effects. So will the price increase more than likely.


It is not clear if the buildings and territories will stay. Somewhere I just road about keeping farming as the coins will stay. However there was no word about territories and buildings.

Can any official say anything about this please?


All areas, buildings and resources will be kept:
Resources and progress

There is also a more recent statement on this matter in the latest indiegogo update (dated April 26th):