Update to fix current bugs?


I know you are busy with everything else but it has been a long time since the last update and inseptores should have been shipped in April. So why have we had no updates


This is getting rather repetitive…

Another deadline, another disappointment.


2weeks from 31st means still just over a week by their estimate left to go. Also they are up for final tests relying on results required legal regulations as performance tests were done already. without that red tape we would have already had our inceptors. But the devs dont control that.

It seems to me they were probably done quite a while ago but there are bureacrats & politicians in play right now. Production is in china which is not on the smoothest, happy-joy-joy side of the planet right now as we all are/ should be aware of. All factors that are easily visible to me considered, i think they are doing really well still.


The current bugs in the beta tactical map are most likely taken into consideration, but will not be fixed for this current version. The team’s primary focus has been on the development on the FPS part of the game and getting the inceptors shipped out.

Just as @NXRACER mentioned, it looks like the inceptor and everything for it has been complete for a while. All that is probably left to do is the official details for shipping, final tests, and minor tweaks if necessary.

Have you had the opportunity to view the most recent update?
Here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/father-io-massive-multiplayer-laser-tag-app#/updates

Also, FF shared a few great photos in the Discord channel. Some content is shared there that isn’t shared here, but all official updates are shared through the Indiegogo page and emails directly from the team. :sunglasses: