Update-Sept 15, 2017


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Certifications update

Dear backers,

First of all a big, huge thank you for being with us and supporting this incredible project. We know we have been silent for some time and owe you some details, so time for a quick update on the certifications status, as some of you also requested.

As many correctly pointed out, certifications are absolutely necessary in order to reach legal compliance - it’s not something we can skip or we want to skip! You need to be safe and sound when playing to enjoy the ultimate AR experience that Father.IO offers and Inceptors have to work spotlessly and in full conformity with your devices and the current regulations. Certifications guarantee safety and usability of the product, hence why it is a process that needs to be carried out with utmost care and we cannot really control how long it is taking.

Inceptors are tiny - you have seen them! But what makes the Inceptor great, portable and innovative as an AR laser tag is that there is many technological components into the palm of one hand. So basically there is not one single certification, we have to complete FCC and CE, which are composed of several tests: we basically need to pass them all. We have at present obtained BC, Heavy Metal and Bluetooth qualifications, but few tests are still required for EMC and RF. The material for these last 2 has already been prepped and sent to the test lab and the agency managing certifications, we will update everyone on the continuation of this.

As per the FPS app, we are currently fine-tuning the latest details of the outdoor gameplay. The app will be available for all backers as soon as the shipment starts.

Regarding shipping addresses: as you might remember, since last July we blocked the address change feature in Indiegogo, in order to get ready for the shipping and manage its logistics. We got and are still getting address change requests and are still managing them by way of exception, as the certification process is taking longer than expected. We will continue to do so until this will be effectively possible.


The Father.IO Team


Holy smokes; the update is on the site! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/father-io-massive-multiplayer-laser-tag-app#/updates/all

This is what we’ve been looking for!


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I backed the campaign on March 2, 2016, but my address changed recently. My Indiegogo login does not show my contribution, but I do have my paypal receipt:

You have sent $75.00 USD to Indiegogo with PayPal

Indiegogo: Contribution to father.io: first real life massive multiplayer FPS from sprkyc4@gmail.com (System ID 15443011)
Funding Type:
Funding Source:
$75.00 USD – REGIONS BANK Checking (Confirmed) x-5843

What steps should I take to resolve my new address?


Maybe not the best spot for this. Probably should have made a new post about this. Uhmm… Honestly I’d file a change of address and also talk to your local post office. I know it’s via special delievery but your post office may have a answer about it.