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Inceptor Certification Update - where we’re at
Dear Father.IO backers community,

thanks as usual for being part of this project. In the next lines we are going to inform you about how we are following up on the certifications process. We want to be as much open as possible with you, also given your recent requests.

As per certifications, we are happy to announce we have finished all the tests for FCC and CE and we passed them all. Next step is finalizing the paperwork for FCC and CE. After some downtime of our Chinese manufacturer, due to the local National and Mid-Autumn holiday, work is now back in progress: we are actually flying back to the factory in Shenzhen next week. During the following weeks we should complete the latest QA steps on the Purchase Units and finally start with the pre-order production.

Regarding the First Person Shooter app, we have a great news for you all: this FPS app will be an exclusive release that only Indiegogo backers will have access to. It will be reserved for Indiegogo backers and only upon invite. You will be the first ones to have this unbelievable AR experience. So guys, congratulations - this is not going to happen again!

Inceptors will then be available for sale around Christmas time in selected retail chains in Europe, so get ready to find a lot of new friends around your cities!

Finally, in the very next days (Oct 14th and 15th), just before travelling to China, we will also be at the RTX in London (the two-day gaming and internet culture event). If you are around, don’t hesitate to pass by, you are all invited to visit us and try the FPS in person - before everybody else!

The Father.IO Team


From what it sounds like, they’ll be taking the same route Ingress did when they launched. Start with a small pool of people and slowly increase the server load by making it invite only. This way, they don’t experience the Pokemon Go crash-and-lag fiasco at launch.

Personally, I like this because it makes people who are being invited feel as though they are a part of something exclusive. For those of you anime fans out there, I’m hoping this makes that Parent/Child relationship from “Accel World” feel more real. Some people may have some very touching moments from this interaction.

Some of the cons? Well, those of us who bought a butt load of Inceptors will have to slowly wait for them to be useful over time. What good is an Inceptor if there’s no player to use it? Also, this means that pick-up games from the get-go of the launch will probably not be a thing. It all depends on the rate at which players get invite tickets to give out.

“I just want to play laser tag!”
“You’ll have to get an invite from me first, and I’m fresh out.”


Hi. I have an opinion of the update . Where I live. I’m the one to buy it. Lamentable menten. If I could I would have bought it before. But my economic situation does not favor me. I understand what the developer wants to do. And that seems fine. But what I do not find is people. The children who are fan of father.io and are waiting for him. They can not buy the inceptors. Because the parents do not have an international card. Or simply mind can not. You have to keep waiting for the game to launch. I have faith in the game and in that the developer is going to do the right thing. But it could be for a short time even a beta of the fps. For those who can not buy the inceptor can prove how it works. And I do not mean the old alpha of the game. I mean the new one. But I ask for a lot. But please think of people, followers who can not buy the inceptor. Please.


Im just hoping to get lucky and get my hardware before i have to move but if not and i get the invite code you all will get to fight for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey bud. You’re on the Discord chat right? FF mentioned something there that you may wanna go look at. Trust me, you’ll like it ^^


Aha! You’re right. I am pleasantly surprised.Capture