Update game. 30/7/2017


The ultimate First Person Shooter experience: the new Father.IO FPS app at a glance

Dear backers, first of all a big THANK YOU for your patience and unconditional support. As promised, with this much requested update we are giving you some good insights into the FPS app.

Before we do that… do you remember when the whole story started and how we got to the battle between humans and evolved?

The game plunges us into year 2040, the age of the perfect world, where singularity is a well established reality and nothing seems to menace this conflictless era.
Is this meant to last the ages?

An attack by Father.IO, a mysterious virus of unknown origin, is threatening this idyllic technological perfection. Father.IO takes control of Ethereus, the super-cloud computer created by humanity, and the Evolved, the augmented human specie, is infected by the virus and rises up against Humans. Nothing yet is written, what we know is it will be a fierce all-out war.

In this restless battle of Humans vs Evolved, different combat classes will help your faction advance in their fight, you will be able to pick the one best suiting your playing style:
Engineers: they build support structures, work on the tactical scene and provide defense.
Assaults: soldiers with superior strength, devastating in medium range combat.
Medics: they help in speeding along recoveries and revive your allies on the battlefield.
Snipers: specialized in engaging targets at long ranges using weapons equipped with telescopic sights.

If you want to have an idea of this, here we have an Evolved Sniper on the left and a Human Engineer on the right:

Expect all the classic weapons, equipment, perks and attachments that you loved to use in your favorite old-school FPS series, including pistols, assault rifles, smg, lmg, shotguns and sniper rifles - each one with their own characteristics like damage, range and rate of fire. Ready to start shooting?

Hope this update gave you a good taste of our FPS app. We are fine-tuning the last details: our team is currently doing the last checks to sound and special effects and getting the leaderboard ready. This countdown video is just a small anticipation - but gives you an idea of how short will be your wait. In the next days we will be at our manufacturer in China again to supervise the last Inceptor test.

Father.IO Team.


I am loving the display, the uniform designs, graphical skins in general are done well. Cant wait to see some high end cosplay out there.


Can’t wait to make some high end cosplays and accessories