'Universal Mounting' failure


The Universal mounting is too small. For running around with a $400-1500 cellphone I WILL NOT be taking off my case. I have probably the THINNEST ‘armor’ case by Spigen - the Slim armor and the Universal Mounting is a BARELY fit. I would likely but something more substantial on it for running around like an otterbox and the Mounting will not fit. My girlfriend’s LG G4 wears an Otterbox commuter and the universal mount won’t even come CLOSE to going on, its about a 1/2 inch too small.

We need a second Universal mount made for 2017/2018 phones - not for my old iPhone 4/5/5s.

Devs - can we fix this please?? If my phone getting risk of damage without a case is the only option - I will likely not run or run with some old phone - which means I won’t likely just jump into a game if I am out and about - more apt. to take an old phone (slower, no cell plan, no case) and go out - which probably won’t happen and that means less people playing.


I have an LG G5 with the thin line case from Spigen and mine will fit. I agree a larger clip would be suggested for production for the larger phones as mine is on the small side of current sizes.


Yeah, my iPhone7Plus with an Otterbox doesn’t fit the adaptor. It will fit with just the phone though. I know how you feel, but I’ll be working on making something that will adapt to the adaptor :sunglasses: If you figure it out first, let me know!


Yeah my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge only barely fits the inceptor when there is no case and there is no chance of me running and aiming with my $700 phone with a $330 screen repair fee


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@FiendishlyAnon actually took apart the inceptor mount and kinda showed how it an be manipulated to fit on larger phones. I’m actually thinking of trying to mount the mount onto my Otterbox somehow :sunglasses:


I’ve got the same problem with my iPhone plus sized phone. I haven’t been playing because I can’t use it with my phone. I’ve been looking to see if I can 3D print a new clip. It would be helpful if the developers could post something about the clip, or the 3D model would be best then we could print our own.