UI Concept Animation


mock up UI animation.


i would upload a supporting picture but that would spoil the reveal. :slight_smile:

i have been playing around with some sequences with the main faction icons as well as the main Father.IO logo.


I wish they had more time to do more weapons. But have you seen this:


I think it’s pretty neat.


Wait, those exist? Where can I find more of these to stare and drool at?


@Code00, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you create!


lots more fun stuff on the way.

i really like the link to that assualt rifle. if thats how you can check out your guns ingame im happy.

Main Logo Sequence: https://www.behance.net/gallery/43733917/Custom-Logo-Reveal


Hi all,

Its been a while. im back with some more bits and bobs. I had to put the faction animations on hold (this turned out to be a good thing!), in short I got super busy with work etc.

For now check out my new channel intro with a special outro…

and if you like the theme from the Father.IO Promo vid head here.

…up next faction concept animations.

catch me on aminoapps/father.io.hq/code* or behance/code00

*smartphones only


I am dating my years back with some retro… But thats dope!


Very dope sounds!


quick update! i have some new bits and pieces right here on my behance.



Awesome blog post! I liked it. Seems like you spent a lot of time on that compass :sunglasses:


thanks for the appreciation.

…yes i did. the compass took the longest out of the on-screen widgets.