Totally not working


I bought 3 inceptors and downloaded, well, I started the game, and I had problems even in the signing, I had to restart the app at least a couple of time, just to create an account.
I tried to play and I can’t connect the inceptor, I click on connect inceptor but nothing never happen… How is that possible? The instruction tell that a configuration will start with the menu of the game, no one of us did the configuration cause nothing was launched in the menu

stuck here… Cannot connect


Hello. Can you provide screenshots or a video please?


I have the exact same problem. I press the connect button, literally nothing happens. Can’t really make a screenshot of nothing…

I opened up all permissions, cleared cache data, reinstalled the app, all to no avail.


I have the same issue on my phone, a samsung galaxy j3 emerge. When I press the connect button, nothing happens. I’ve made sure all the permissions are checked and all that, but to no avail.