Top-Left Father.IO Icon Inop


Has anybody else noticed that the Father.IO Icon in the top left of the Window screen (Desktop View) doesn’t work? I’m on my MacBook Pro and when I hover my cursor over it, the cursor turns into the hand with the finger as if it were a link, but when I click it nothing happens.

Icon in the top left that doesn’t link to anything.

But clicking on the “Father.IO Forum” icon takes me back to the home page, so that works.


same here…


Actually the image does appear to have a function.
If you look at the source you see that the link that it directs to is the exact same page you are already on.

For this page for example it directs to: Top-Left Father.IO Icon Inop

No clue why it does that though. the code might be changed to direct to the website one that is completed.


Oh, I see! I just assumed it was supposed to go to the homepage or something.