Thermal "Scope"


There are some phone models out there like the CAT S60 that have the FLIR thermal imaging camera built in. There are also Micro-USB and Lightning Port attachments for the FLIR thermal imaging camera for phones that don’t already have one built in. If anybody manages to get their hands on or currently owns one of those systems, I’d be curious to see how they interact (if at all) with Father.IO. The idea of a true thermal scope seems fun to play with.


This is actually really cool idea!! I was just reading about infrared waves and cameras after watching Predator and i thought of using an IR/Thermal camera it self to find enemies during the night.


Night play isn’t something I had really thought about for the fps…this could get interesting


I almost bought a Cat60 with thermal built in but went with a S7 Active instead, might be regretting this now haha.


You might be better off getting an attachment for your smartphone. Here is a comparison between flir one vs seek
They are the most popular ones on the market


We used thermal imaging scopes or binoculars in paintball and it was awesome! Can be countered with bright spot lights.