The Beta players


Will Beta tester be privileged in the official version?


no they will not be. the only thing is resources.


And is there a maximum of resources?


There is no limit to resources. So keep gathering them ^^


So do all beta testers get to keep all the progress made then ? Why wouldn’t beta testers gain anything ? As it’s these people who are making the game what it is, to be at it’s best :slight_smile:


Yeah i dont agree with that at least a lvl boost once lvls are implemented or some kind of vip status


The only progress that will be transferred from the beta to full version are your resources. Resources will be used in the newer version for upgrading your equipment and weapons. Beta testers are getting an early start right now.


The reason for not giving beta players special perks or statuses is to keep the game balanced. Anything applicable like special skills or statuses may hinder newer players from joining if they’re already starting at a disadvantage.

If you browse the forum you will find other discussions about this. :sunglasses:


So us who are going through this very boring beta test. So they can make something to make money off of get nothing… That’s ridiculous


I understand both sides. I hate joining a game already in progress and being picked on by all the big dogs. But on the other hand we are putting in alot of time and effort trying to find bugs. I think with proper discussion we could find a medium where we don’t deck out the beta testers but they don’t get some sort of perk or bonus because they are the beta testers. I think at least a publicly visible medal for them would be cool


Last time there was a update it was last year october. You guys still working on the game or you giving up?


@sapper, are you sure about only resources transferring over?

From the second April update:


Yes. The new Tactical Map will not have square areas, instead there will be specific locations as POIs.


I think that beta testers who open the new app on the day it’s released should get 10x their current resources.
Anyone who is a dedicated player will get a good incentive that way.