Suggestions For Innovation


When I see the drone yesterday all day long collecting resource I think how about some more vehicles in the game like a jet for providing backup on a tiles which are been raided and we are far away to reach it so we use jet to increase its defense so we can help the player in the surroundings . Then how about a transport truck in the place of drone they look more like a transport vehicle than a drone but I am not saying to remove drone we can use drone for our land defense we are on do little damage to other player or u can switch drone or truck function what I tell let drone be the transporter and truck be our reinforcement in defense and offense in truck there are some unit do little damage to other player. Thank You all for reading :sunglasses: .


You know? I never heard the idea of more automated vehicles on this forum. This is an interesting concept.


Drones are something they are working on. what form it will take is still and open to us but they have plans to make them different then just what we see now.

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Got it and thanks for the info.


I have been thinking about this game for a year. My ideas are that you can build your own artillery. You manually control it and fire it. You can have drones guarding you. Or you can manufactur a lot of drones and send them to attack enemy bases. If a drone of your ally was shot down, you can pick it up repair it at your home and send it back to it’s original owner. Have Anti Air in game, they can shoot down drones or even remote control bomber. Give us ability to build land, air and water units. They can cap for us we just command. Make the real location be visible on map, like the hills and sea. We should get resources based on the land that we are on. Such as the Pokemons u get in Pokemon go is based on where you are. We should farm and feed our self, it will be realistic and so on. Have the ability to place down guided rockets and so on.