Suggest to add "Turn off" function


Dear Father.IO Developer Team,

First of all, Father.IO is the first wonderful game which I have ever played. It’s very excited, I don’t think that my dream when I’m young came true.

I recognize that battery of inceptor is only standby for 5 days as guidance written on inceptor box. And I think that main reason is battery need to be consumed during standby time due to not be able turn off.

Could Developer team consider to make one app set turn off Inceptor through bluetooth connection, or add this function to Game app settings.

And could you consider more one software in Computer to turn on when it’s necessary?

I think if we have turn off function, we will not need to charge Inceptor every 5 days even not playing game, it also affect to battery life time.

Thank you for your consideration.


It is Bluetooth LE spec that they don’t have an off button similar to a fitbit.