Still can't build, even though i got resources


I found a thread about not being able to build, even whrn we have resources, just wanted to say that the problem presists, i cannot build on my areas even though i know i got enough resources


I’m going to ask this: do you have any rss (resources) deposited in the vault? If not, this could be your issue.
If it doesn’t pertain to that, then the only thing I can think of, besides from this bug, is that it somehow pertains to your gps. I don’t know how to explain what I mean other then that your gps may be located off the square by mere degrees. It’s a small glitch via gps. If it’s not this, then I honestly have no idea.


What is the number displayed in “available slots” on your tile? I had some buildings disappear over time (they came back eventually), but the counter wouldn’t update, effectively blocking the building spaces.


Every tile has 3 building slots in them. A building would be something like a Solar Panel, a Storage Vault, or a Warehouse. (However, there are more than just those.)

At this moment, once you build something, it cannot be un-built. Use those 3 build slots wisely.