Splash Screen - Can't navigate back - Tactical Map 1.5 BETA


Just a little thing which I noticed.
If I start the App “Tactical Map 1.5 Beta” and I’m in the Splash screen. (“Enter the Beta”) I can’t navigate Back. (I’m getting haptic feedback but nothing happens)
I can use the Home-Button but not the back-button. (So I “got stuck” in the splash screen)

The “only” two ways out are:

  1. Pressing Home-button
  2. Click “Enter the Beta!” waiting the loading to finish and then the Back-button.

Don’t know if that is relevant…
Using: Sony Xperia

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Just tried it with new Version (ahhmmm yeah,… i think it’s still Version 1.5 BETA. but the…) Release from 24th June.

= It’s still the same.
Is it normal or only with my hardware? :no_mouth:


@Unl345hed this is the case for me too, testen on note 3, S5, S6 so I’m guessing this is how it’s designed.
Not sure if this is as intended but I don’t really find it a nuisance.

@tarun the login screen with the “Enter the beta” button can’t be exit by itself. Is this how it was designed to be is the back button functionallity missing here?

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