Some work for my brother


Ok, so my brother had asked me to find an artist designer type of person. I’m terrible at explaining this so I’ll just be blunt and straightforward.
He’s looking for someone to do a logo for him. It is dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, and self esteem, and how to fight them/get past them. He has words he wants changed into the logo.

That is what he wants changed into a logo. If there is anyone willing to help him get this started, I would appreciate it.
Thanks for your time guys.
~ RaNar


you know you should just tag @SwagMaster in this stuff right… :stuck_out_tongue:


I can give it a shot, but I cannot do it for free. I’m far too busy currently.


Yeah but he hasn’t been on in a long time.


just tag him hes around enough. plus i always know how to find him :wink: I do know where he lives


Gotta say this: He lives!! My brother is will to talk it out. And make a