Some ideas for new weapons


i think they should add more types of weapons and stats for that, like you can chose between a pistol that takes more damage but you have to be closer or one that doesn’t take a lot of damage but shoots further and like many games you could put attachments on it.
i know its hard but i think its possible
and i know too that this topic is similar to this one: Weapon customization but i think this two topic complement it selfs
thanks by the time

Fourth weapon design: Engineer SMG [feedback]

If I can remember correctly the inceptor circuitry has been upgraded since the first prototype to help make features like this possible.

Here’s a quote from the indiegogo ‘updates’ page from two months ago!

Reaching the last stretch goals, we’ve been working hard adding the “weapon simulation” feature, improving the PCB, making this game mode possible. Now with your Inceptor you will be able to simulate several kinds of weapons - ranging from shotguns to sniper rifles, both in width and distance.


I mean right now we are looking at about 15 weapons and 9 items per class. Any other things will probably be future improvements and they will have to evaluate the cost of building things like that.

We all have to remember that they can only develop what they get funded. Plus we haven’t seen anything actually come out yet so who knows if they are already doing things like this.

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15 weps and 9 classes PER CLASS isn’t bad at all!! It would be nice to still have room for improvement, so if the accessories given at the release are minimal, I wouldn’t mind. It would definitely support the games’ storyline of humans vs machines.

On another note, I wonder if melee weapons would be implemented. It would be cool for infiltrators to be able to directly hack another player within arm’s reach, or execute someone from behind lol


I’m sure there will be some weapons maybe its 15 weapons total, and 9 pieces of equipment per class?


but how do you know that??

  • base was 5 weapons 2 pieces of equipment.
  • Tier 1.1 opened up the weapons simulation which updated to 2 different IR blasters.
  • Tier 1.4 opened up 5 more weapons and 2 pieces of equipment per class.
  • Tier 2.1 opened up 5 more weapons and 2 pieces of equipment per class.

I was off so its 6 not 9 pieces of equipment but the 15 weapons still holds true.


But how did you get that info man


Seriously have you read anything on ? Everything I stated is on that page. Go do some research and then ask questions.


Sorry i didn’t mean to piss you off calm down


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Its okay. A lot of information is posted on the Indiegogo page. There are also links posted here on the forum for initial information that was put out in the beginning. Try using the search bar and keywords to check if your question had already been answered in a thread before. Also, for those posting information I would recommend that you also provide the link with your post. It would help everybody to have a shared understanding :sunglasses:

Thank you for the info @rangerwolfy and thank you for your interest in finding out more about the game @JoJoh :smile:



I think we should be able to choose the size, shape, and color of our weapons and accessories.
Also, exporting/sharing your skins should be an option at bases. (Both friendly and unfriendly… Imagine the other side with a skin of water guns that make fart sounds on their device!)

Weapon skins have to be client-side.

In-app purchases for pre-made skins is another idea, but you will need to be able to make the same skin (Maybe with Windows 3D paint?) without paying money.