[SOLVED] How do you invite players to your FPS battle?


Hi I created a new game but my friend can’t see my game lobby… I also have no idea how to invite him into my game… can anyone help?

Step by step instructions how to connect and play with fiend/friends
Can't invite friend to team

I have the same issue. I create a match but see no option to invite other players.


Found out how it works… it uses GPS to invite players within the closest distance… still buggy though… so just keep restarting the phone or game once… should be OK…

one player creates match… once the character selection screen is up… the nearby players automatically get an invite from you


That’s awesome bro… Thanks for that info.


Cannot invite friends or even see my friend standing 2m from me.

Anyone can help solving this please?


I have problems with this, help plz, inceptors are connected to phones and are ready to go , but how to play each other don’t know.image


Did you tried Indoor or Outdoor?

I’ve tried Indoor only so far. We were sitting nearby and one Player started a new game. The other player got then the option to join the game on the screen that you posted.

There is no need and no way (afaik) to “invite” anyone actively.

Also perhaps important: Which phones did you use? We were both on Android Devices.


Hi, be sure you authorized/turned on the location (GPS) on both phone and double check via google map that they are really in the same location. Indoor GPS is sometimes tricky.


Did you click on the create new battle picture like the one on your screenshot?