[solved] Feature Request: Pinging your inceptor


I’ve got 5 inceptors charging at the moment, and my phone connected to one of them.

Which one? I have no idea.

Maybe you could and a “ping” button on the settings page, that, when pressed, makes the LED lights on the paired inceptors change color a few times.

That way we could “ping” with one account after another and make sure the inceptors are with the correct phones.


If they are unplugged the one connected would stay lit up on the LED ring.


Works. Thanks!


This problem arrises when multiple people try to connect with their inceptor in the same room.
I’ve stumbled upon this as well. I have tried looking up the mac address of each inceptor, and writing down the last two numbers on the box they go in.
I’ve marked each inceptor on the outside in some way so i can easily identify them.

I’ve tried renaming the inceptors to a number. But so far it feels as if he inceptors are really interexchangeble. Almost as if the different mac addresses don’t mind.
However i’ve goofing around so much that i could have had paired all of my 4 inceptors to my phone at the moment.