Smurfs is taken


so i see the humans voted for their own name. why dont we let evolved choose their own also? new poll for evolved?


@DarthVader issue with that is we already have a name for you goldfish and you will probably have a hard time convincing us bluebirds otherwise :wink:


Bluebirds for the Ownage …lets bick the heck out those Smurfs

like they are cherries waiting to be Farmed :smiling_imp:


ftfy: @Dualbios

wow even a quote doesnt count towards 20 characters


whatever you say bubbles


hehe im sure we will end up with a couple different nicknames

@DarthVader :heart_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_heart:


Wtf is a Lapras?




So why would we pick a Pokemon name when Pokemon Go is about to release this month… should that just stay in the appropriate game?

Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers

Ok guys i think its pretty safe to say that Bluebirds wins?

Hear that goldfish we humans shall hence forth be known as Bluebirds!!!

All hail the Bluebird!! All hail the Bluebird!!

So say we all!


I was thinking these were names for insulting the other team, not distinguishing them :kissing:


Hey I’m proud to be a bluebird even if it is slander :wink: I choose to own it.


I’m in agreeance with @rangerwolfy. I will own it. Use it as an insult Goldfishes, be my guest.


We are proud to be Bluebirds!!!


Nay im a bubble :smiley: and not a bluefish


This is starting to live its own life haha :slight_smile:


Would not computer based entities use computer based logic in classifying us? I think that they probably would pick something more akin to Naturals (Found in the second poll). Or organics… Something along the classification logic found in electronics.


@Marloc thats exaclty why we Bluebirds are trying to help the goldfish become more creative. :wink:


We force our logic onto them, and expect them to accept our thinking…? If they accepted our thinking, there would be no war.
Don’the get me wrong, I’m not a robot simpathizer, I’ll still destroy all goldies that I see. I just try to understand my enemy so that I may better defeat them.


@Marloc I wouldnt say force so much as increase their database? Granted the funnest part of all of this is these types of nicknames are usually used to dehumanize the enemy combatants to make it easier on soldiers to do their duty. In our case we are already fighting machines so do we really need to dehumanize them? Secondly. They already think of us as less than them and usually lack the emotions that drive a need for dehumanization.