Smurfs is taken


Ok so many of us know about a fun little game called Ingress. Well over there the members of the Resistance are known as Smurfs.

Therefore that nickname for us is taken. If the goldfish want to have a nickname for us then something else should be chosen.

Shall we help our goldfish friends and come up with some suggestions for nicknames?

EDIT: FYI this is an open call out to all the goldfish to help too if they want. Bring it @DarthVader :wink:


As an ingress player I was thinking the same thing. I have a couple ideas for a name I was thinking we could keep the aquatic theme.


Maybe guppies or some thing like that

  1. Marlins
  2. Blue fins
  3. Peacocks?
  4. Sharks

lets do this. List all of them here. then on the 8th of July I’ll create a poll with them we can run it for a week and pick the winner?


that sound great



I’m human to but I like the idea.
How about: Bubbles


Bubbles is too weak. We want to show them we dont pop easily :wink: yep bad puns…


sorry but i didn’t understand what supposed to do??


We are trying to think of a new codename for the humans


Because there is another game that uses Smurf as the code name for their blue team


nice idea smurf (wasting caracters)


We are looking to help the goldfish (evolved players) pick us a nickname. The best they can currently come up with is Smurf but us Humans feel that is taken by Ingress so we want to help them out a little bit.

I mean we all know its hard there are only so many things an AI can do…


for evolve could be simpsons


ha lol (bla bla bla character minimum)


black wale (blah blah bla)


Goldfish works imo (damn this 20 Character thing)


Maybe just whale because I think it sounds better as one word.


“Smurfs” doesn’t sound very strong either :wink: But I’ll think of something else :smirk:


Watch the show again. They are very strong and smart. :wink:

But i guess bubbles could work since It would make them think we are weaker than we are…


what if we use a pokemon name