Show your AVATAR


No, it doesn’t really have a special meaning, I just find wolves to be very amazing animals.
EDIT: Post was kinda inappropriate.


I was bored and I edited this for my country. LOL. Don’t laugh!!


Yo wicked. @nurulj17 you have awesome art skills. Amazing!!


Something I drew a long time ago. Copied it from a small picture of the side of a VHS box.
I’ve always been a fan of Guyver.


Awesome. Looks really good.


Whaaaaaat!!! That. Is. Awesome! Did you make the Human one so you can change sides when the full release comes out? Haha


Once I get some time. I’m going to try and make a cosplay EVO outfit and recruit more EVOlved.


That’s sick! I’m probably just gonna be a human and wear my paintball gear haha


oh man! bustedddddd LOL



Bwahahahahaha! That is awesome! Blue for Human and Yellow for Evolved tho :sunglasses:


The tiger and the lion may be more powerful…
…but the Wolf does not perform in the circus.



Sick! Reminds me of Grodd from The Flash



Haha savage @Nilux


Hey guys I was messing around with the two factions take a look


hello guyzz M CyberTron meet u guys in the game


Oh a hybrid faction haha :sunglasses:


Looking awesome!🖒