Show your AVATAR


From online. Kudos to whoever did it.


Had the wrong graphic up…Here is my Avatar…


Me being humanized!



Otaku for life


Something I made on Paint Tool SAI yesterday.

H stands for “Human” and “Hacker” (my in-game and forum name)

I previously used this:


thinking of making this my clan logo.
below is latin for Human Faction.

my profile/avatar is


I’m thinking something like this. (I’ll touch it up later, just a quick sketch while at work)


Edited the original picture for my own taste and added my country’s name into it.


Logo design that is more my taste



Little bit my style, also edited from original


This is my human hunter on destiny until I figure something else out. I didn’t make this.


My favourite animal. From google images, thanks to the great photographer. If I had some art talent I would add an evolved mask to it :joy: :slight_smile:


That’s mine.


Everyone has cool emblems! And I’m here with basic stuff lol

The first one is my current one, but I’m thinking of switching to the second, depending how the storyline goes.

The picture is a Soldier during urban operations, with the Father.IO emblem merged with the Human emblem. The second pic has all that with the emblem of a secret government organization. :sunglasses:


This one. I like wolves, so…


Awesome avatar @Schlepptop! :sunglasses: Does it have any special meaning?


This is mine. It’s a photo of a bullet that genuinely was shot down during the battle of Galipoli 1915 in WW1. Not something I created obviously, but WAY too cool (and fitting) not to use!


Intense! I’ve never seen anything like it :sunglasses: