Show your AVATAR


Since we are bringing artwork online, we might as well have a general location for everyone to show off their custom avatars. Humans and Evolved alike feel free to post up!



Remember to give credit where credit is due folks :slight_smile:


That is completely correct. Thanks to @SwagMaster for uploading the EVOLVED faction symbol. Definitely doesn’t show my team look without it. Can’t wait for cards though, would love some agent cards :stuck_out_tongue: Mr. @SwagMaster.


Mine is the logo I created.


Well I really suck at being creative :slight_smile:
Hope someone will be so creative to make some avatars which everyone could use :smiley:


@Andylicious you could always talk to @SwagMaster he’s a wizard. Just fair warning he has a tendency to get swamped.


I just made a new avatar


Nice @Veenstra what software do you prefer? I’m a gimp user.


I did this with Photoshop


This is my personal, it’s a take off of my business logo and adapter for F.IO. I use illustrator almost exclusively.


Illustrator eh, I’ll have to check it out.


I use a combination of illustrator and photoshop. Takes getting used to but produces well.


@Veenstra could you do the same with the flag of Germany? :slight_smile:
WE kinda need a good Cover-Photo for the German Facebook-Group


@Andylicious yes I can
how would you like to receive it


I did this one last weekend with light ^^


Part of me wonders why this is a thread, but mostly I wonder why “AVATAR” is capsed like that


3D rendering of my own D&D character. His head is my avatar, but I zoomed out some and added a grey background to make my rogue easier to see here.


A quick render I just edited through my GalaxyS5.


I’m currently using someone elses hard work, the Joker.
If I had an ounce of raw talent to draw with, I’d certainly use it.
I’m not one to claim work of someone else either :wink:
Just gotta love Heath Ledger in what I think is the best Joker on film.