Shoutout if you're in Georgia, USA


I’m from Millen, but if anyone is close to the Augusta area, then we should all get together because its pretty slack of players in my area.
If not Augusta, then we should decide on a general location that everyone agrees on :slight_smile:


Not super close but a fellow user from Georgia here! I’m in Savannah.


!!! That is a lot closer to me than I thought anyone was, haha. I’ll be coming to Savannah soon for work. Are you evolved or Human?


I’m human. There’s at least one evolved user in town. I’ve ran across their claimed territory. But they seem to only be claiming sporadically.


I’m in the alpharetta area


I have actually been considering moving down to Georgia. Please tell me honestly, is it worth it?
To the Mods and Admins, I know my post here doesn’t pertain to the game but it could in the future. Just saying.


Atlanta player in snellville


Someone’s been reading ready player one


haha yea I love that book


can’t wait for the movie in two years. btw if you haven’t heard his cd ultraman is airwolf yet d/l it!! it’s where Ernie originally came up with the characters like “Hotc0ck 007” and more. You can download it off under spoken word. Armada is a good read as well. if you want the audio books pm me.


I like it in georgia, but I’m biased because I’ve never been anywhere else lol. Well, besides florida… didn’t like it there. Haha


Hey, thats awesome! I live like 30 minutes away.

Human or evolved?


Evolved in Snellville


I’ll be in Augusta during the full release. We should start something up when that happens :sunglasses:


lawrenceville here


Post how
Many interceptors You have as well. That way we can determine Player numbers

4 inteceptors
Snellville, ga


1 inceptor
millen, ga


12 inceptors here


This Saturday let’s meet up at Brisco Park at 1pm. Assuming it doesn’t rain.

Briscoe Park
Sawyer Pkwy SW, Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 985-3535