"sender"-field in E-Mail


When receiving an e-mail from this forum, the “sender”-field is filled with the real-life name of the author that triggered the e-mail.

I think everybody expects to stay fairly anonymous when registering with an alias on the forum.

Please change this, or indicate that the real-name is to be published upon registration.


will have a look with @tarung and see if it is possible


Looks, like we have solved this. Let me know if it works.


Thanks for the quick fix! Will report back when I get the next e-mail



Anonymous what’s that? If you Google my username you’ll find just about everything about me.



Thanks @rangerwolfy.
@IamYourVirtualFather the fix works like a charm.

It is just now that I notice that the real name is also on every profile and “@”-name suggestion. So the real name is not that secret after all… Oops


Nope not really. Besides you have to meet people in real life to play. Anonymity will be hard to keep up after that.

Trust me in ingress when a player shows up from out of area we can usually get there home location in 2 hours or less and that’s on a bad day


Also, if u view the Users page of this forum you can see the real name of the user next to their username.


All you do is look at their missions, or if youre a guardian hunter, its even easier