Security system


I think it must have security system for
prevent hacker for hack GPS. It has system
It can make Fake GPS .
but system can’t check . It can if player
use fake it was to use System for software developers. It can check it . I know
because I use now I don’t use it.


Already looked into this myself, it can help you claim things, but not adequately defend with controlled will. It will make the defender more vulnerable to a persistent threat or especially coordinated threats. You will run out of hacking power and still get raided. The more land taken, the harder inherently it will be to defend, just an unavoidable reality of life itself. Which makes this game better.

In real life imbalances come at costs, unlike normal digital games OP can exist without much cost and therefore those games need effort to balance all the time. Real life takes care of itself. History provides plenty of examples.